Abstracts in Cold Wax and Oil Painting

A robust introductory course to using cold wax medium with oil paint in an abstract manner.

During this workshop, students can expect to be introduced to the various supplies used to create interesting and expressive abstract paintings using cold wax medium and oil painting. We will work on a variety of surfaces and explore the many ways to start and build up (or subtract) layers of deeply textured and intriguing works of art. We will also work through traditional principles of design and elements of art to create more cohesive and thoughtful compositions, while staying loose and expressive. Regular
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Abstract in Cold Wax using complementary colors

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•Over 5 hours of video content, private discussion group, pdf and much more! This course is great for beginners and intermediate students. Learn about supplies, composition, mixing mediums, layering, texture, working on various substrates and much more! ***NOTE this is a relaunch of our course created in 2018.
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What Will I Learn?

This a great course for artists who are new to Cold Wax and Oil Painting or who are looking to expand their skills sets and grow as an abstract artist. Take a look at the lesson layout. Over 5 hours of video content!

  • Introduction: Welcome, Overview of workshop, and discussion of supplies and alternatives.

  • Getting Started: Explore how to begin painting with this 'new' and exciting medium, discover how various supplies work, take the guesswork out of how to work with the products, and tips to be more efficient in the studio.

  • Project One: Explore working on a specialty paper surface with landscapes and beyond. Students will be exposed to several different ways to create multiple works at once, as well as other design elements as we jump-start the course.

  • Project Two: Our focus during this chapter will be on creating a collection of work that fits together in a cohesive manner yet could stand on their own if separated. We will be focusing on shapes, color, contrast, emphasis, and texture. We will also touch on using basic design concepts to building better compositions.

  • Project Three: We will work on a larger surface and explore a composition that is an objective abstract which could include (florals, small still life’s, and or figures). We will also focus on value, color, collage options and more. Conclusion: Discussion will center around finishing work, tips and tricks to move forward, and ideas on what to do next.

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Is Abstracts in Cold Wax the Right Choice For You?

Excellent Course!

by Kimberly

Fantastic class. The video instruction is comprehensive, the documentation is thorough and helpful. Jodi is a generous instructor, sharing helpful tips and techniques and providing great insight in developing art works with this fun medium. Really an excellent course in starting with oil and cold wax!


  • Do you have to paint in Oil paint in this class? I don’t like/can’t tolerate oil paint/don’t want to invest.

    While you may find some of the techniques useful when painting in acrylics, the class really will focus on using cold wax medium with oil paints. You may find other abstract classes more appealing if you can’t use oil paints.

  • How long will this class be accessible?

    All of our classes currently have ongoing access once you purchase your class. At minimum, classes are available for 60 months, unless something unexpected happens to the course site or course instructor.

  • Are the videos downloadable?

    At this time, they are available via streaming on our password protected website

  • I’m new to oil and abstract painting. I’m not sure if I will be able to keep up with the lessons

    We are confidant if you make time in your week for a couple of hours (suggest 2-4 ) each week over the course of 6-8 weeks, you will find it easy to keep up with the lessons. You can really work at your own pace and take as long as you like to finish the lessons, so if it takes longer than the suggested track, that is fine, too!

  • I’m a little nervous about investing in a lot of new products and tools. Approximately how much will the supplies cost?

    If you have absolutely no supplies at all (oil paint, cold wax medium, wood or oil paper to work on, mark making tools), then this class will be an investment for you. Quite honestly, no matter what type of art you decide to delve into (or hobby for that matter), your initial investment can be rather pricey. A great suggestion is to get the basic supplies and limit your paint color palette in the beginning and use tools around the house, dollar store, or barter with friends for anything else you may need to get started. We will use wood and Oil paper to work on. You can easily cut your own wood or MDF board rather than buy pre-made panels/cradled board. Paint: I do believe you get what you pay for in paint colors, but for the most part, Dick Blick and Jerry’s Artarama both have store brand oil paints that are great to learn with. Save your money for the ‘bling’ colors that are hard to achieve on your own. Purchase the better brands in your favorite colors.

  • Will the instructor be available to answer questions during the entire duration of the course?

    Yes, we will have a private Facebook Group that will be our dedicated forum for Q&A. The first 4-6 weeks of the course are usually the busiest and when the instructor will be around more often along with host 2 Facebook Live events for the students. If you miss the chats, they will be archived. Thereafter, if you have a question, please tag the instructor and your questions will be answered asap. Typical work week in M-F 8am-5pm EST and on the weekends by chance, unless traveling. Note-if you need intense one on one coaching, that is not included with the cost of this tutorial. Group coaching on Facebook however is.

  • What if I don’t enjoy Cold Wax Painting. Are refunds available?

    We do our best to ensure every customer is happy and that the course is accurately described. Generally, refunds are not available for the class after it goes live. Please contact your host if you have an extreme circumstance.

  • When will the supply list be available?

    Upon purchase, you will be able to download the supply list.

  • When does the class begin.

    You can begin your class as soon as you register!

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