Zen Houses- A Contemporary Illustrative Painting Workshop

Be a part of this modern online workshop with artist and author, Jodi Ohl

We are excited to announce a special re-launch of our workshop on a brand new site. If you are looking to learn how to draw funky, whimsical houses, and use fresh new painting and illustrative techniques, this course is for you! $109 for unlimited access and over 5 hours of video instruction.
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Use Your Imagination

Create funky, whimsical houses and more!

The emphasis will be on creating playful compositions filled with sweet houses, tiny homes, cities, cottages and more. Develop your painting and drawing skills in this contemporary and robust workshop!

What Will I Learn?

During Zen Houses You Will: Recharge your artistic spirit. Reconnect with inner peace. Relax. It’s just paint. Learn to free your mind while unleashing your Zen-ful artistic spirit!

  • • Learn Contemporary Painting Techniques on a unique surface

  • • How to draw whimsical illustrations

  • • Water Media approaches using specialty acrylic paint

  • • 3-4 Full size projects and several warm up exercises

  • • Have over 5 hours of online instruction


  • Q: What if I can't draw?

    Don't worry about your drawing skills! Between all the warm up exercises you will be participating in and the tips and tricks from your instructor, students will learn how to employ basic skills with whimsical elements in no time! Besides, aren't you trying to improve your skills by taking a course? The best way to improve is through practice. In fact, that's pretty much the only way to improve your skills.

  • Q: What supplies will I need?

    The full supply list will be made available upon purchase. In general, we will be using water soluble pencils, Golden High Flow Paints, water color paper, and commercial gessobord. You can use water colors but this class will not cover that medium, but it is an alternative if you have no access to Golden High Flow Paints (which are different than their fluid paints). Some areas may not be able to procure gessobords but you can prime your own with wood and several layers of gesso sanded in between layers to get an ultra smooth finish. Note, this is only recommended if you can't purchase the pre-made gessobords from a local supplier or one of the bigger commercial art supply companies.

  • Q: How long will I have access to this course? Is it downloadable?

    Our goal is to have students work at their own pace with out time constrictions pressuring them to finish a class in a few weeks or a few months. All of our classes will have access for a minimum of 5 years barring any unexpected event/disaster. The videos are all streaming, accessible 24/7 but are not downloadable.

Zen Houses, perfect for the beginning painter to the more experienced.

Enjoy this robust workshop, colorful, fun workshop by registering today. $109
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